Our principles:

We love what we do. It is our absolute pleasure to be creating visual communication that is both relevant and engaging, allowing us to produce successful design solutions that present our clients to the world in fresh and captivating ways.

We like to have clear and open communication with our clients from the very beginning. We get to know their business and immerse ourselves in their client base to better understand what they are trying to achieve.

We are an organised bunch, capable of project managing jobs of all sizes. We keep to our time lines and deliver to our clients when and as promised. Occasionally our clients require more involved project management, particularly for large and complex websites where a large amount of information needs to be coordinated; in these cases we are capable of taking on the responsibility of coordinating content, copy writing and liaising with all parties to ensure things run smoothly and efficiently.

Our services:

We design logos and branding strategies, websites, special publications, print and online advertising, interpretative and wayfinding signage, electronic direct mail and interactive media. We also offer copy writing, illustration and photography services.

A typical process:

We start by meeting with our clients in person, to discuss their needs and all required outcomes. We then go away and prepare a written brief to confirm both parties are on the same page about direction and outcome.

After assessing what is involved in the job, we provide a fee estimate. Once that is approved, we can begin the design process; we will carry out relevant research and come up with initial ideas and directions. From there we generate design concepts, which we present to the client.

The client then chooses a design direction and we will go back to refine it and develop it further. We will go back and forth from here until the final outcome is approved. Finally, we prepare finished artwork and send it off to our printer, web developer or manufacturer.

Before you meet with us:

Have clarity. It is always good to have a clear idea of what you're looking for before you come to us. This will save time and money when it comes to the design process. Think about exactly what it is you would like to say with your outcome. What is its purpose? Who are you targeting? If you like, collect examples of similar outcomes or ideas for discussion with us.

We see design and our interaction with you as a fluid process, involving creativity, consultation, co-operation and compromise. Simply put, we're in this together to get the best result for you and your business or organisation, and, hopefully enjoying ourselves as we work through that process.