Studio director, Ian Dalton, has had a vast and varied experience in the world of design, advertising and marketing. Originally an Illustrator, he worked with and was greatly influenced by the very talented Barrie Tucker of The Barrie Tucker Company.

To gain a broader understanding of business, he then moved on to hold the position of National Marketing and Advertising Manager of Ted's Camera Stores for a period of 20 years, before starting up his own design studio in 1998.

Since then he's been working with a broad range of clients including the Office of the Governor, Foster's Group Ltd, Gribbles Pathology, various local councils, and, companies within the finance and landscape sectors. Ian has had a keen life long interest in Small Group and Community Therapy and a continuing involvement with Meditation, Mindfulness and Transpersonal Psychology.

Ian has been recognised as a Paul Harris Fellow by the Rotary Club of Kew for his past (and continuing) work with the club's bi-annual Garden DesignFest. Ian is honoured and a little chastened when he has observed the great unrecognised work done by many Rotarians over many years. Ian is not a member of Rotary but supports their great work around the world.

Work featured on this site spans the lifetime of Ian's career.

photo of Ian Dalton